A Career with EHS Support

If you’re looking for a challenging career—one in which you have the opportunity to make a difference and tackle significant, real-world problems—consider joining the EHS Support team.

Considering a Career Change?

Consulting is not for everyone. It’s a lot of hard work, and the hours can be long. That said, if you’re the kind of person who loves a good challenge, who enjoys making a difference by solving problems and building collaborative teams, there is not a more satisfying career.

At EHS Support we provide the type of environment where hard work is recognised, both by your peers and by the clients we serve. Here you’ll find a dedicated, supportive group of individuals who are focused on delivering high-quality solutions for complex problems. Our people love coming to work because they know they’re doing something positive — for their clients, for the environment and for the communities in which they work.

At EHS Support we have a reputation for providing a supportive, flexible work environment with plenty of opportunities to advance your career. We also work closely with you to make sure your career goals align with your personal plan for growth. Combine this with a diverse group of passionate, similarly motivated individuals, and the result is you being part of high-performance teams that learn, evolve and deliver.

If you’re passionate about making a difference, take your consulting career to the next level with EHS Support.

Why Work With Us

Imagine a company that invests in your career. A company with one of the lowest staff turnover rates in the Industry. One that rewards your hard work. One that challenges you to be your best and to perform at a higher level for yourself, your team and your clients.

EHS Support is that company. Here you’ll find a close-knit team of professionals bound by a common drive for working hard and delivering great outcomes. We do things differently — from how we approach new challenges to how we treat the people we work with.

A Unique Culture

Honesty. Fairness. Respect. Compassion. At EHS Support, these aren’t just words, they’re a way of life. It all starts with a unique type of corporate culture — one that’s focused on excellence and service, and that serves as the foundation for everything we do.

We Invest in You

A company’s success comes down to one thing: its people. At EHS Support, we have a detailed integration plan for new team members joining the company, setting you up for success right from the start. We hire for the long term and invest in your personal and professional growth — aligning with your personal strengths and aspirations. We also understand that happiness, both at work and at home, makes for a more satisfied and productive workforce. That’s why we give our employees the level of support and security they need to maintain a healthy career/family-life balance.

The EHS Support Advantage

Our successful, progressive business model focuses on our employees and our clients. We allow you to create the work atmosphere that best fits your personal working style, enabling you to support our clients in the way that best fits them. Being a global organization, we’re available to our clients where and when they need us. And as a company without borders, we’re able to hire the best in the industry from around the globe.

When you get right down to it, EHS Support is a family of highly-motivated, driven people with a shared vision for excellence and for providing value to our clients. The result is an engaged, high-performing and satisfied workforce.

If you’re passionate about doing great work that makes a difference, if good enough is never good enough for you, we want you on our team.

Join the EHS Support team