A Career with EHS Support

If you’re looking for a challenging career—one in which you have the opportunity to make a difference and tackle significant, real-world problems—consider joining the EHS Support team.

Considering a Career Change?

The EHS Support Experience

At EHS Support, your path is our Journey. Meaning we will help you explore a rewarding career experience, but the path you create is up to you. Whether you’re seeking advancement, meaningful work, leadership opportunities, or the ability to redefine your work-life balance – we’re here to help you build a legacy you can be proud of. Our approach to career development helps to ensure your career path aligns with your personal and professional goals at a pace that works for you.

Early Careers

Be surrounded by some of the leading environmental scientists and engineers in our Industry and not just in Australia, but globally where, as a community you will tackle some of the world’s most complex challenges. Furthermore, you may have to opportunity to spend 6-10 weeks in the USA as part of a broader work abroad program.

Mid-Level Professional

If you’re ready to be re-inspired by new challenges and exciting projects – now is the perfect time to explore career opportunities with EHS Support. We’re always looking for new team members who are passionate and driven. Our growing teams need individuals seeking opportunities in project management, team leadership, technical or subject matter expertise, client management, service leadership, or operational management. Whether you’re driven by a passion for leading, looking to expand your skill set, or achieving a work-life balance that meets your needs – we are ready to invest in you. 

Senior Professional

In 2013 we were 3 people, 10 years later were approaching 50 people. Its never too late to forge your legacy and be apart of something special as we diversify our skills and geographies. 

Your benefits at EHS Support

Our benefits are designed to Supporting our people, their families, and their communities

  • Flexible ways of working – We equip all our staff to work from home if they choose.
  • Public holiday swap – Swap two public holidays each year to celebrate or commemorate dates which are culturally significant to you.
  • Pro bono projects – Enrich your professional journey by working on pro bono (special) projects for those who would otherwise not be able to afford our services.
  • Professional accreditation – Get your costs covered to apply and maintain one approved professional accreditation or one professional membership per year.
  • Working holiday – Stay at your holiday destination for longer! Work from a temporary location for up to a week each year.
  • Award winning Culture.

Join the EHS Support team