Craig Drennan

Water Resources Engineer, PE


Bachelors of Science in Environmental Engineering, Tufts University

Key Expertise

  • Hydrologic and hydraulic modeling
  • Stormwater and green infrastructure design
  • Site remediation and restoration
  • Climate resiliency


Craig Drennan is a water resources engineer with a broad range of experience covering hydrologic and hydrodynamic modeling, stormwater and green infrastructure design, environmental restoration and remediation, and climate resiliency. Much of Craig’s work has centered around remediation projects, with other applications including bridge design, industrial stormwater and discharge management, coastal shoreline restoration, and offshore wind development and permitting. Outside of his work in environmental consulting, Craig serves as a Conservation Commissioner for the City of Medford, where he performs site plan and design reviews of proposed developments in his community to ensure projects comply with applicable development laws and are protective of wetlands resources across the City.

Service Areas