David Ife

Senior Principal Hydrogeologist

In a career that’s spanned close to 50 years, David Ife has directed and delivered on projects around the globe dealing with hydrogeological assessment, groundwater management, waste management, catchment management, and water resource assessment. His exten-sive experience and knowledge make him an invaluable resource to EHS Support and our clients.In addition to numerous landfill development and management projects, he has worked on major solid waste management projects, preparation of Environment Effects Statements for hazardous waste disposal facilities, auditing of the construction and operation of hazardous waste treatment and landfill facilities, development of industrial waste management strategies, development of bioreactor landfill concepts, and leachate management strategies. He has directed risk assessments of closed landfill sites that posed an ongoing risk to human health and the environment, particularly through the uncontrolled release of leachate and landfill gas. He and his team have developed a rigorous approach to the assessment of risk and the prioritisation of ongoing remediation works at closed landfill sites.  David has significantly influenced hydrogeological aspects of landfill studies, drilling and groundwater investigations, and drainage studies, and is experienced in field management, on-site supervision and testing procedures including the specific sampling and operational protocols necessary for landfill site characterisation. 

Key Expertise

  •  Waste management
  •  Hydrogeology
  •  Geology
  •  Water resource management
  •  Numerical modelling
  •  Salinity