Mick Osburn

Project Draftsman

Michael “Mick” Osburn is a draftsman with over two decades of experience, working with many versions of AutoCAD and contouring programs to determine groundwater flow on a wide variety of projects. Mick has prepared design and as-built system drawings, and has also performed a number of survey events for locations of monitoring and recovery wells.  During his career Mick has also worked for more than 15 years as an environmental technician, with extensive field experience in sampling groundwater, soil, free product, and air. In addition to his experience on projects involving remediation systems operation, and maintenance, he has also sampled for PCBs, heavy metals, petroleum constituents, and other analytes at construction demolition debris landfills, former gas stations, and bulk petroleum facilities.

Key Expertise

  •  Remedial system O&M
  •  Remedial system installation
  •  AutoCAD Lt. 98 & 2002
  •  AutoCAD R11, through AutoCAD 2020
  •  ESRI ArcMap GIS Software 10.0 to present
  •  Golden Software - Surfer 16 Contouring Program