Stephen Cambridge

Principal Environmental Engineer

Waste Management Sector Lead
VIC Regional Manager

Stephen Cambridge is a Chartered Professional Environmental Engineer (CPENG) with over 20 years of experience in remediation, contaminated land investigations, and landfills. Through his highly developed engineering skills in environmental audits, contaminated site investigations, landfills, peer reviews, project management, and project technical direction, Stephen provides practical, long-term solutions for our clients.Stephen’s experience encompasses contaminated sites and landfill investigations in Australia and Papua New Guinea, including conducting large-scale, complex, contaminated land investigations and remediation programs on petroleum and petrochemical sites, former industrial sites, landfill-gas risk assessments, and environmental risk assessments for existing and former landfills. He has conducted Statutory Environmental Audits under the Environment Protection Act of Victoria including former industrial sites being redeveloped for sensitive land uses; and landfills (construction, operations, rehabilitation and aftercare management). Additionally, his expertise includes environmental chemistry, remediation technology feasibility assessment, source identification, and conducting complex site investigation programs. Throughout his career Stephen has provided expert opinion in relation to landfill gas risk assessments and protection measures for closed landfill developments, and expert opinion on land contamination liability mediation. He is actively involved with the EPA working group meetings for landfills and contaminated groundwater and has presented published papers at international conferences in relation to contaminated land and landfill assessments.

Key Expertise

  •  Contaminated land environmental auditing
  •  Landfill assessments and audits, including leachate and landfill gas management
  •  Risk assessment and landfill rehabilitation
  •  Environmental assessment, including sampling and analytical methods, and legislative requirements
  •  Remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater including LNAPL in fractured rock
  •  Asbestos in soils: assessment, risk analysis, and remediation