Tiffany Gourley

Senior Hydrogeologist
, Ph.D.

Tiffany Gourley, Ph.D., has well over a decade of consultancy experience in both Australia and Canada, giving her the experience necessary to provide our clients with long-term, cost-effective solutions. Predominantly focused in hydrogeological and contaminated site assessment and environmental audit support, Tiffany’s experience includes the management, coordination, supervision, design and reporting of environmental investigations, including the assessment of groundwater source protection and supply, groundwater and soil contamination,  landfill gas and leachate, ecological and health risk, groundwater impact assessment and contaminant fate and transport. Serving as a member of a number of multidisciplinary teams over the years working for various industry sectors including defence, government, construction, property, energy and transport, she has gained extensive experience in soil and groundwater investigation, project planning and management, health and safety, field and laboratory QA/QC procedures and database management. She has also been involved in the preparation of a number of conceptual site models for complex hydrogeological sites and has completed field work and reporting for numerous sites subject to statutory environmental audit.

Key Expertise

  •  Geology
  •  Hydrogeology
  •  Contaminated land assessment
  •  Environmental audit support
  •  Environmental risk assessment