Will Sutor

Environmental Scientist

Will is an environmental scientist who possesses valuable experience both in the field and within a laboratory setting. Will’s background in scientific research has allowed him to foster and improve the skillsets necessary to manage and coordinate field work and associated sampling activities (i.e., acquisition, analysis, and preservation of water and soil samples) in an efficient manner. Will is also familiar with adhering to strict federal guidelines for documentation of laboratory data and good manufacturing practices (GMP). As a professional, he is versed in organising logistical support, project budgeting, analysing data, and preparing scientific reports and publications. He is passionate about advancing scientific knowledge while improving the communication and dissemination of results to relevant stakeholders. His teaching experience included the management of large groups of students and sampling programs, remedial restoration, and coordinating collaboration efforts between multiple stakeholders and organisations.

Key Expertise

  • Biogeochemistry and aquatic science
  • Field measurement techniques
  • Analytical chemistry for soil and water samples (C, N, & P analyses, trace metals, alkalinity, and chlorophyll extractions)
  • Sample collection, preservation, and analysis