EHS Support Set to Expand in Australia and New Zealand

EHS Support is announcing 20 new positions within Australia and New Zealand. These will range from leading our Asia Pacific Eco-Toxicology and Risk Assessment group to openings for early career scientists and engineers. These new positions have arisen due to investments into staff, geography, client needs and research projects which have helped grow a strong pipeline of work.

“Our vision has always been to be thought leaders using science and data to drive projects and outcomes,” says Managing Director Chris Smitt. “Arguably EHS Support has one of the better senior staff to early career staff ratios and a strong career development program which supports accelerated career growth and technical excellence. Over 10 years of hard work and investment has developed a strong brand and numerous large opportunities which require a significant expansion in our resource requirements. This is a company with ambition and intellectual curiosity that provides great outcomes for staff and clients”.

EHS Support, established in 2006 (US), 2012 (Aust), is an employee-owned specialist environmental consulting company lead by local and international industry leading scientists, engineers, and specialists that provide services to government, mining, petroleum, water, chemical, pharmaceutical, and other similar industries. Today we have more than 180 staff located across Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

To find out more, download the relevant position description below.

You can apply by visiting our Current Opportunities web page.


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