Taking A Pro-Active Approach to Emerging Contaminants

By: Simon Hunt What are emerging contaminants and should I be concerned about them? If you don’t take a pro-active management approach – then the answer is probably yes. Significant costs are being incurred by corporates, industry and developers managing emerging contaminants – these range from Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) and other product formulations

Emerging Contaminants

By: Raghava Dasika “Emerging contaminants” represent a challenge in the course of transaction due diligence assessment of residual liabilities. The increasing awareness of the presence of previously untargeted classes of chemicals that are now of suspected potential environmental concern, adds to the “reasonableness” by which these chemicals should be anticipated and highlighted (if of concern) during

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New York Announces Statewide Water Quality Initiatives

[ssba] New York Announces Statewide Water Quality Initiatives New York State Governor, Andrew M. Cuomo, recently announced a series of water quality initiatives to protect public health and the environment. Key among these is the creation of a Statewide Water Quality Rapid Response Team to strengthen New York’s existing programs, review currently regulated contaminants, and