This confidential client operates world-renowned theme parks in the western and southeastern United States. The business of theme parks and amusement park rides carries a lot of risk. When something goes wrong the consequences can be incredibly serious. The stakes are high for parks to ensure the health and safety of their employees and visitors and the safety of their facilities while reducing impacts to the environment. To manage risks, the theme park evaluates environmental, health and safety (EH&S) compliance by conducting periodic audits.

For the past several years, EHS Support has been retained to perform comprehensive EH&S compliance audits for the client at several of the park’s themed areas, including the water park. The audits include inspection of park operations, such as park attractions, park services, entertainment, foods, merchandise, amusement rides, and shows. Due to the size of the park, the auditing work was limited to select themed areas of the park for each audit.

The audits evaluate for the park’s regulatory compliance under the rules, regulations, and interpretations of the United States Environmental Protection Agency; the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration; and any applicable local and state regulations, permit requirements, and internal policies and procedures for the area under audit.

To gather evidence for the audit and to be able to support the conclusions of the audit, EHS Support conducts the following activities:

  • Pre-audit preparation/document review
  • Site visits that include an opening meeting, site inspection (tour), interviews, file/document review, and closing meeting
  • Audit evidence evaluation
  • Audit report preparation

Due to the unique entertainment culture of amusement and theme parks, audits may encounter their own set of challenges. EHS Support prides itself on being adaptable to the situation on the ground—whether it involves intermingling with visitors, not interfering with visitors’ enjoyment, accommodating its schedule to park employees and park activities, coordinating last-minute schedule changes due to planned or unforeseen events (park construction, ride closures, etc.)—while ensuring that the audit is completed on time. For instance, because access to amusement rides and shows was limited when the park was open to guests, EHS Support conducted a portion of the audit during the night shift. It also happened to be the best time for observing the important key operational facilities supporting the amusement rides. The safety of EHS Support auditors was paramount during the auditing work. Although the auditors were escorted by park personnel at all times, the auditors were trained on the standard procedures for accessing the park’s amusement rides. Where the audit identified compliance risks, EHS Support communicated those risks to the client during daily debriefings, during the closing meeting, and in a prepared audit report following the audit.

EHS Support’s experienced auditors can support your company’s entertainment business whether it is an amusement park, theme park, water park, aquarium, other family entertainment centers, and casinos.

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