Former Landfill Hydrogeological Assessment, Victoria, Australia

EHS Support were appointed by Council at their formally used landfill site, which now consists of a sporting oval, BMX track and greyhound training track.

In March 2013, the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) carried out a notice compliance inspection at the site prompted by an overflow of the historic leachate ponds to the downstream drainage system. Following the overflow incident, the site was issued with multiple Pollution Abatement Notices (PANs) requiring the update of the leachate management infrastructure as well as refurbishment of the pipe system underneath the landfill. A further Pollution Abatement Notice requiring a Hydrogeological Assessment (HA) was issued to the site in early 2020.

Council engaged EHS Support to prepare the HA for the site in response to the PAN. The PAN had specific requirements including a deadline for the document, specified maximum leachate levels and a timeframe for these to be achieved and the HA to be verified by an Environmental Auditor.

EHS Support successfully completed the Hydrogeological Assessment to the satisfaction of the auditor and EPA. EPA has issued another PAN requiring an auditor verified Environmental Monitoring Plan (EMP) for the site which EHS Support is currently preparing. The EMP will form part of the Aftercare Management Plan for the site and will be guided by the results and recommendations of the Hydrogeological Assessment. As with all former licensed Victorian landfills ongoing aftercare is required until the site does not pose a risk to human health or the environment, as determined by the EPA.

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