PFAS Investigation for SA EPA, Royal Park, South Australia

EHS Support were engaged by the EPA South Australia for a PFAS investigation at Royal Park, South Australia. The objectives of the works EHS Support Pty Ltd were engaged to undertake were:

  • To assess whether per and poly fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) were present in groundwater underlying the suburb of Royal Park in Adelaide, South Australia.
  • If PFAS was identified, assess if any sources were identifiable based on the distribution of PFAS in groundwater.


The scope of work involved the installation and groundwater sampling of seven groundwater monitoring bores across the Royal Park assessment area and completing a comparative review of PFOS linear and branched ratios between the Royal Park Assessment Area results and the West Lakes Assessment Area results.

All works were undertaken in accordance with the PFAS National Environmental Management Plan 2.0 and were audited by the EPA SA who provided positive feedback on the work executed by the EHS Support Staff.


The investigation identified PFAS was present in soil and groundwater at low concentrations across the assessment area. A review of a study undertaken by the Victorian EPA indicated that the concentrations of PFAS detected at Royal Park were of a similar order of magnitude to diffuse non source concentrations of PFAS detected in urban areas of Melbourne.

The review of PFOS linear and branched ratios between the Royal Park Assessment Area and the West Lakes Assessment Area, indicated the PFAS present at West Lakes was from a similar source but different to the PFAS detected at Royal Park.

As there was no association between the presence of PFAS and land use; the concentrations were consistent, low, and of a similar order of magnitude to the Victorian EPA study; and the PFOS linear and branched ratios were similar across Royal Park Assessment Area but different to West Lakes Assessment Area – it was considered plausible that the PFAS detected in this assessment represented diffuse non-source background concentrations of PFAS


Read the final report at the EPA SA’s here.

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