Surfcoast Shire Council, Anglesea Landfill, Environmental Auditing, Victoria, Australia

EHS Support were engaged by Surfcoast Shire Council in south western Victoria, for the role as EPA Appointed Environmental Auditor for a number of projects associated with infrastructure development at the Anglesea Landfill.  The objectives of the Auditing works were to ensure the new landfill was being designed and constructed to the Victorian EPA and international best practice standards.  The Auditor acts in an independent role on behalf of EPA Victoria.

EHS Support were engaged to:

  • Review design documentation to ensure it complies with EPA design standards;
  • Conduct inspections during construction works to verify that works are being conducted in accordance with EPA approved design documents;
  • Review materials testing results to ensure that independent tests meet the project Specifications;
  • Review and approve design changes during the course of the works, where changes to the design are proposed by Council or the construction contractor;
  • Prepare communications to EPA for major design changes, where requested, including conducting Environmental Risk Assessments associated with the design changes;
  • Preparing statutory Environmental Audit reports, pursuant to the Environment Protection Act; and
  • Liaison with all stakeholders to ensure that project objectives are met in a timely manner, and to the required EPA standards.

Work continues on this project, with the current phase involving the auditor verification of a new cap design for part of the landfill.

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