Legal Support Services

Legal support, no matter if it is providing a preliminary opinion, expert witness statement or allocation determination, requires a team of recognised and reputable technical experts who can clearly communicate complicated technical issues and positions in terms that are easily understood. The most sophisticated technical positions and arguments are ineffective if the concepts cannot be understood by the target audience. That’s where EHS Support comes in.

A Clear Understanding of the Law

Our legal experts quickly gain an understanding of the facts, interpreting how the science will impact our client’s position. Then we develop a scientifically supported position that can be relied upon. Recognising that time is of the essence, we’re able to understand the issues and develop a strong position or rebuttal that can be the difference between success and failure.

Our Team

EHS Support’s legal team has a long successful track record to preparing and presenting expert witness statements at the various levels from civil and administrative tribunals to the Supreme Court. We assist our clients by developing a technical team that includes strong communicators and advocates who understand the technical facts and can develop strategies to effectively use this information within their projects and positions. We also utilise data visualisation tools to ensure the facts are conveyed quickly and in a manner that is impactful to the audience.

It all adds up to a proven track record of successful legal support projects.

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