Mining & Natural Resources Industries

For many communities, mining and the natural resources industry are the source of their livelihoods. Mining has developed in many areas of Australia and New Zealand to take advantage of local resources, and it has supported the development of these communities, as well as other industries and activities within those communities (farming, construction, manufacturing etc.). From the early stages of projects, including feasibility studies to end-of-life and closure of assets, a variety of challenges must be navigated to ensure the desired outcomes are economically and environmentally sound, without leaving negative legacies for future generations. That’s where EHS Support comes in.

Experienced, Dedicated Professionals

Our experts have extensive and successful field experience, strategic and professional pedigree, and are dedicated to getting the job done. We can help you manage your mining and natural resource services safely, legally, cost-effectively and in the most scientifically and environmentally sustainable way possible.

An Extension of Your Team

EHS Support provides a team of technical experts who are known and respected within the regulatory community. We get to know and understand your project and its idiosyncrasies. We not only aim to satisfy the regulators, we look for the best, most cost-effective resolution for your specific site. It’s a systematic, case-by-case approach in which we evaluate all the options and then determine the most appropriate goals which may include remedial options.

Our experts deliver solutions in:

  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Hydrogeological studies
  • Design, installation and monitoring of mine dewatering systems
  • Data acquisition, resource assessment, development and management
  • Financial assurance calculations
  • Mine closure and rehabilitation assessment and management
  • Environmental management plans
  • Environmental compliance and monitoring (groundwater, surface water, air quality etc.)
  • Environmental Approvals, variations and changes (regulator communications)
  • Environmental compliance auditing.

We partner with you for the long haul, helping you meet your goals now and well into the future.

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