Oil & Gas

Oil-and-gas is a trillion-dollar industry, employing hundreds of thousands of workers around the globe. It’s extremely complex and highly regulated with a lifecycle from exploration through production, transportation and processing, through use and eventual cleanup.

With development occurring in increasingly challenging and sensitive environments, not to mention the drive for capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operating expense (OPEX) efficiency, accelerated approval and development timeframes, and corporate governance, oil and gas projects require that clients have the guidance of a trusted advisor with practical, in-the-field experience. The key is making informed decisions that drive environmental, health and safety (EH&S) performance cost effectively, keeping projects profitable and on schedule. That’s where EHS Support can help.

An Industry Leader

The oil-and-gas industry is one of EHS Support’s core areas of business. Our experts have experience, not only within niche areas of the sector, but in almost every stage in the lifecycle, from upstream concept and feasibility studies, to process hazard management, to midstream environment and approvals, to downstream service stations, and decommissioning and closure. We’ve delivered on everything from small ($50 million) to mega ($50 billion) projects in Australia and around the globe. Our years of boots-on-the-ground experience working in the field, inside the project offices, and strategically in the board rooms, has given us extensive industry knowledge that enables us to anticipate our clients’ needs, adding value beyond what’s expected. We help you navigate the intricate regulatory hurdles inherent in these types of projects and find ways to more effectively manage employee capital, all the while driving EH&S performance.

Oil & Gas Team

EHS Support’s Oil & Gas Team is a group of highly experienced and motivated professionals who enjoy collaborating and partnering with our clients. Our industry-recognised technical staff have experience in all phases of oil-and-gas projects, enabling them to support companies in their upstream, midstream and downstream developments and operations.

Our experts deliver solutions in:

  • Concept and field development planning
  • Environmental impact assessments and regulatory approvals
  • Operational evaluations and performance improvements
  • Project and operational economic and risk analysis
  • Water and produced-water management
  • Construction and operational plan and procedure development
  • Waste management (including drilling muds and cuttings)
  • Financial assurance and rehabilitation planning
  • Contaminated land management and remediation

Think of us as your dedicated advocate, committed to you and your organisation’s long-term success.

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