Decommissioning, Decontamination and Demolition

There comes a point in time when resources, operational plants and equipment reach the end of their economic lives.

Advanced technologies or improvements in efficiency ultimately result in the decommissioning, demolition and rehabilitation of sites. Effectively managing this process is critical to ensuring the value of retired assets are captured and risks and costs are minimised. This is precisely where EHS Support can provide value.

A Proven, Systematic Approach

We take a systematic approach to value realisation and risk/cost mitigation. By providing a thorough definition of project needs at project inception, we effectively assess and define project needs, schedules and phases of work, while simultaneously leveraging opportunities for beneficial reuse of structures or demolition materials in sale and redevelopment. Whether it is power plants, major industrial facilities, oil fields, oil refineries or mines, EHS Support can manage the full process while controlling costs, risks and potential impacts and, as a result, maximising value.

EHS Support has extensive experience in facility decommissioning planning, site investigations and remediation to facilitate site closure and liability management. Working with a diverse set of clients with a broad range of project requirements has exposed our team to sites with a variety of contaminants of concern, physical settings, environmental impacts and regulatory programs, and we apply this diversified experience to every new challenge we face.

An Experienced Team

EHS Support’s Decommissioning and Demolition Team is made up of knowledgeable, experienced consultants who have a reputation of delivering for our clients. Whether it’s assessment of regulatory requirements for termination of operations; inventorying product, waste and equipment; development of work packages to support competitive bidding of project components; effective contracting to manage risk and change orders; navigating local, state and federal cessation of operation requirements, etc., our experts can provide the knowledge and leadership you’re looking for.

Dedicated team working predominantly on large-scale demolition projects involving:

  • Development of demolition and decommissioning plans and development of tender documents
  • Development of material management plans, including residual materials, demolition waste and asbestos
  • Supervision services for removal of potentially contaminating infrastructure
  • Site assessment and remediation (from strategy and design to implementation)
  • Leading asbestos industry experts
  • Strong relationships with key demolition contractors

Trusted experts with a dedication to excellence — that’s EHS Support.

Our Project Experience