Hazardous materials leaking from reservoir

Emergency Response Management

Emergency situations are unpredictable and can have devastating effects, not only on your infrastructure but also on your most valuable resource—your people.

Whenever an emergency occurs, it requires experienced and skilled practitioners who have an understanding of the regulatory, technical, logistical, and practical requirements involved in delivering an effective response effort. That’s where EHS Support can help.

Experience and Expertise

Our experts bring a vast amount of practical experience in supporting emergency response situations, in particular provision of environmental specialist support. This diverse experience covers a range of emergency situations from fires on heavy industry sites, petroleum spills, impacts fire-fighting foam discharges, to building fires involving asbestos containing materials. We have successfully worked with facility owners, operators, regulators, insurers and loss adjusters on a variety of emergency situations. Our “boots on the ground” experience enables us to support the response effort in a timely manner and provides us with the ability to provide solid technical support in challenging and time critical situations.

EHS Support’s emergency response solutions include:

  • Clean-up verification
  • Emergency management and spill response planning, including pre-planning assessments
  • Environmental monitoring, including soil, water, sediment and biota
  • Health monitoring including air monitoring and occupational exposure
  • Provision of emergency response training
  • Technical, environmental, health-and-safety support during a response, dealing with spill clean-up, waste disposal, spill recovery, etc.

An Extension of Your Team

Since 2005, EHS Support has successfully delivered a wide range of emergency response solutions in more than 100 countries. It all comes back to experience. We’ve been in your shoes. We understand the overwhelming amount of information, tasks and responsibilities you juggle on a day-to-day basis, all while trying to keep costs low and stakeholders satisfied. That’s why we don’t just make recommendations and let you go at it alone. We get our hands dirty so we can better understand your unique situation and provide effective, long-lasting solutions.

To us, safety isn’t just a core business value, it’s personal.

Our Project Experience