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Emerging Contaminants

The modern world is built on chemistry. Sometimes the development of chemicals results in substances with unintended consequences.

Emerging contaminants can refer to many types of consumer and industrial chemicals that pose a threat to human and ecological health, but whose risks are in the early stages of scientific understanding and regulation. Now familiar are the terms endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs), per-and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and microplastics; however, it was long after their use commenced when the environmental and human health risks began to be understood. Navigating and complying with the quickly evolving and highly complex regulatory landscapes surrounding these chemicals is an immense challenge, as is discovering where and when these contaminants enter the picture for your environmental liabilities or operations. That’s where EHS Support can help.

Expertise that Delivers Solutions

At EHS Support, we bring the right blend of expertise and experience on emerging contaminants, giving you the tools you need to solve these challenging problems. These chemicals make it into our surface-water systems, having a detrimental effect on fish and other ecosystems, and have been shown to bioaccumulate up the food web. They also contaminate our groundwater systems, which are used for drinking water. Emerging contaminants present a new global challenge, and increased community awareness has led to heightened expectations that we protect our valuable resources through their sound management and regulation.

An Experienced Team

Our team comprises experienced professionals who understand the risks associated with emerging contaminants. Through our expertise in site characterisation, environmental monitoring, toxicology, environmental forensics and source identification, risk assessment and remediation design, we can advise you on the rapid advancements in the science relating to the fate, transport and toxicity of emerging contaminants. Likewise, our expertise in regulatory compliance keeps you up-to-date on evolving state and federal regulations that may impact your business. Our technical and regulatory expertise in emerging contaminants helps you develop effective risk-management strategies and remain compliant with the many regulations.

Experience, technical expertise, and a drive to keep our communities safe—that’s what you get with EHS Support.

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