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Environmental Auditing of Contaminated Land & Landfills

Environmental auditing involves a depth of experience in the expert support team for the auditor, including remediation engineers, health risk assessors, ecological risk assessors, chemical experts, hydrogeologists, geotechnical engineers and a range of other technical specialists.

Knowledge and Experience

EHS Support specialists provide the necessary expertise to deliver the best outcome on audit projects. With two EPA Victoria appointed environmental auditors and a team of specialist environmental engineers and scientists to support environmental audit projects — not to mention over 35 years of combined experience — our auditors and support team have extensive knowledge and expertise in the complex area of regulatory compliance in contaminated land- and waste-management auditing.

Our auditors, and experienced team provide responsive and cost-effective auditing for a range of complex sites. Whether it be in response to a client’s need to respond to an EPA notice, a planning permit requirement, or a voluntary audit undertaking by a landowner, our team has the depth of experience and knowledge of the regulatory system to deliver the required auditing services.

Auditing Team

EHS Support’s auditing team is a group of highly experienced and motivated professionals who enjoy collaborating and partnering with our clients. Our experience and knowledge in chemistry, engineering geology, geology, geomorphology, ecology, biology, hydrogeology, modelling, statistics, toxicology and risk, geographic information system (GIS) and geo-environmental engineering allows us to provide our clients with the right auditing solution in our focus area.

  • Auditor Verifications and Compliance
  • Clean Up Plans
  • Compliance Verifications for EPA Clean Up Notices and Pollution Abatement Notices
  • Contaminated Land Audit Reports
  • Environmental Improvement Plans
  • Environmental Monitoring Plans
  • Hydrogeological Assessments
  • Landfill Auditing
  • Soil Management Plans for Major Infrastructure Projects

Our specialists aren’t just strong communicators, committed to clarity and transparency, they’re knowledgeable industry experts who are personally driven to deliver.

Our Project Experience

Contaminated Land Auditing

Contaminated Land Auditing

Our contaminated land-auditing team is one of the most experienced in Australia, having been involved in the audit system since its inception in Victoria in the early 1990s. We undertake environmental audits on the suitability of land for its intended use and have successfully completed audits on sites with a wide variety of previous land uses. Always focused on the regulatory requirements and client goals, our success is demonstrated by the completion of 200+ audits over more than two decades.

EPA Notice Compliance Auditing

EPA Notice Compliance Auditing

EHS Support has significant experience with audits for compliance with the various requirements of EPA statutory notices. EPA utilises a range of notices, such as clean up notices and pollution abatement notices, where it considers that a risk to the environment or human health from contamination may exist. We’ve successfully completed numerous auditor roles in relation to EPA notices, and we pride ourselves on taking a collaborative approach to such roles.

Landfill Auditing

Landfill Auditing

Since the issues surrounding the Cranbourne landfill development in the mid-2000s, EPA has significantly ramped up its regulation of landfills. EPA requires auditor involvement in a wide range of landfill risk management processes, including auditing of landfills during their operational life. It also regulates closed landfills with containment or encroachment issues. We specialise in all aspects of landfill auditing and have worked on many operational and closed landfill sites throughout Australia.