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HSE Compliance Auditing

Environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) management and compliance is complex and can be impacted by changing operations and regional, state, and international differences in rules and regulations.

For companies covering many jurisdictions, with multiple staff and located within different departments and geographic locations, miscommunication, misinterpretation and the risk for error increases. The impacts of this to the company can be serious, resulting in environmental and safety issues, as well as potentially serious violations of EH&S requirements. The key is identifying these issues and developing a process that leverages both internal talent and institutional knowledge, while at the same time providing a check and balance to ensure compliance. That’s where EHS Support can help.

A Culture of Compliance

At EHS Support, we understand that a successfully designed and implemented EH&S management system creates operational efficiency and reduces risk to staff, the public and the environment, while also reducing potential fines or penalties by providing robust communication and systems. Our experts work with clients to integrate EH&S management in an organization and make compliance a cultural component of businesses. We help you develop a culture where management systems and audits are not just about finding fault, but rather about focusing on continuous improvement.

An Expert Team of Consultants

Effective EH&S management and compliance is more than simply establishing checklists and meeting regulatory requirements. It is about establishing a culture of commitments and behaviors within organisations that align with day-to-day operations. Our compliance professionals get to know your needs and work with your team to coach and more effectively manage business risks, establishing a culture that can rapidly evolve to changing regulatory requirements and social expectations.

Extensive experience. Broad industry knowledge. A highly experienced team. That’s what you get with EHS Support.

Our Project Experience

Environmental Permitting, Development & Negotiation

Environmental Permitting, Development & Negotiation

We offer a streamlined approach to approvals and permitting, implementing regulatory requirements and developing and negotiating applicable approval and permit conditions. Through early involvement, we identify the environmental aspects of your projects so they are planned, built and operated on budget and on schedule, while promoting sustainable outcomes aligned with your business objectives. We work on environmental compliance projects for clients around the world, delivering on every single one.

Environmental Compliance Plan Development & Reporting

Environmental Compliance Plan Development & Reporting

Assessing, predicting and controlling environmental compliance risk is vital to successful business management. Failure to comply with regulations can cause operational slow-downs or shut-downs, lead to legal and litigation fees, and damage your brand. We provide comprehensive compliance management and regulatory services to minimize liability, reduce risk, and move projects forward. Our rigorous approaches identify gaps and develop focused, risk-driven plans for compliance, while minimising environmental risks.