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Liability Cost Estimation & Assurance

Historically, only publicly traded companies were required to account for Contingent Environmental Liabilities.

With a focus over the last 10 years on consistent accounting standards and practices through both the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), companies that are looking to merge, acquire or divest and/or increase credit are adopting environmental accrual programs.

Whether you are required by law, find it a business advantage or are preparing for sale, understanding and accurately estimating and managing environmental liability is critical to properly defining your enterprise value. Undervalue a liability and the company is at risk for an unanticipated cash flow hit. Overestimate your liabilities, and you lock up needed capital that could be used to increase your top and bottom line.

Experienced, Business-Minded Professionals

EHS Support has a team of experts who have built environmental liability estimation and reporting programs for single operating facilities to multinational companies with hundreds of locations. We understand Contingent Environmental Liabilities and how to quickly and accurately estimate the accruals. Where we differentiate from others in the industry is the level of business savvy our experts have in order to provide not simply liability estimates, but strategic advice on how to effectively manage your portfolio.

A Team You Can Rely On

EHS Support has effectively estimated and developed programs to efficiently manage over $1 billion in Contingent Environmental Liabilities. We not only accurately estimate environmental liabilities, we also understand when the costs are likely to be triggered and forecast when they will be incurred. We provide estimates for clients’ environmental requirements, whether you want to put real numbers to your “what-if” scenarios or you need to determine your environmental liability for decades to come.

It’s a level of experience and expertise you just won’t find anywhere else.

Our Project Experience

Liability Cost Estimating and Modeling

Liability Cost Estimating and Modeling

Simply identifying an environmental liability isn’t enough. Understanding and managing the associated costs is critical in protecting your investment. We use proven probabilistic modeling and cost-estimating tools to provide you with quantifiable, defendable results for a wide range of environmental and remediation projects. From a single site remediation project to a multinational portfolio of sites that require probabilistic modeling, we can help you define the cost-to-closure on your project. 

Asset Retirement Obligations

Asset Retirement Obligations

EHS Support’s team of regulatory experts, analysts, engineers and scientists have experience defining triggering events, estimating asset retirement obligations (ARO) liabilities and ensuring these estimates are not overly conservative or restrictive. Whether you are assessing an ARO for a recent merger or acquisition, evaluating appropriate triggers for existing facilities and operations, or looking to ensure your program is consistent across your portfolio, we can help you develop accurate ARO programs.

Financial Assurance for Resource Sector and Oil & Gas Development

Financial Assurance for Resource Sector and Oil & Gas Development

The quantification and management of financial assurance obligations associated with oil & gas development and mining projects is complex and the financial obligations from multiple projects are material to a company’s balance sheet. Through active involvement in the development of guidance, advocacy for the industry and calculation and management of financial assurance — we can serve as your trusted advisor.